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I Told You That Guy Was Psychic

I was experimenting a bit with my coloring, I don't think I'm going to continue with this method though. The colors didn't come out how I'd like them too and it TOOK WAY TOO LONG TO COLOR. Maybe I'll go back to my usual cell shading over black lineart for now. What do you think?

In other news, I got a new action figure the other day. Check it out!

Over the weekend I got one of the Jazwares Sonic The Hedgehog Super Poser figures of Miles "Tails" Prowers and he's awesome. When I'm not enjoying posing him or playing around with him, I tend to have him protecting my Genesis game collection like in the above picture.

As you guys may or may not know, Tails is one of my favorite Sonic characters, so it was a matter of time before I got this figure. It's funny though, because he's bigger than most of my other Sonic figures, especially all the figures I have of Sonic himself. However Transformers Animated's toyline go me more than used to figures that weren't size accurate. Besides it's funny to have a Tails figure bigger than Sonic. Granted if it ever bothered me too much, I guess I could get the Super Poser Sonic figure as well. He is, afterall, one of my faves too.

This Tails figure is an absolutely lovely sculpt and captures the character really well. The colors are also dead on as well. They seem to have based the figure primarily on his 3D model from the recent games, which works well, even if I prefer the 2D artwork for the Sonic cast more than their 3D models. Also the bigger size of the figure also hides the weird hinge joints that Jazwares likes to use WAY BETTER than their usual figures do. Allowing Tails' posing and arms to look more natural and not so robotic. A definite bonus in my opinion.

Now let's talk about his articulation. Tails is amazingly possible and lots of fun to play with. He seems to be well balanced and I found I could stand him in a variety of positions and even can prop him up against his own tails. I'm serious, I spent what had to be an hour straight just posing him in a variety of different poses when I first got him. He also stands extremely with little balance problems, a pleasant surprise since balance issues tend to happen with a lot of the other Jazwares figs I got. I was even able to get him to stand on one foot with little problem, granted this is mainly due to Tails' big tails working as a prop (they are also articulated BTW) which just adds to the fun.

There's very few complaints I have with this Tails figure (also surprising because I usually CAN complain a lot about Jazwares' figures). My only complaints is I wish they didn't bother with the waist articulation. It looks really funky on the Sonic cast and seems unnecessary. I don't think I really used the waist articulation when I was posing him, and even when I did it bothered me that his stomach fur gets split in half. It just looks awkward and even when your not using said articulation it still looks weird having the split seem in the middle of his body. I think I would have rather they just not bothered and made his torso just one solid piece of plastic and just made the rest articulated, but maybe that's just a me thing.

The only other issue I had was that I wish they had painted his mouth black, like in the 3D artwork. Mainly because with out any paint to define the mouth it makes the mouth look nonexistent despite the fact they went to the time to sculpt one. It's sad because it's nicely sculpted too, but unfortunately it's barely noticable. Come on, Jazwares, a simple little splash of black paint would've fixed that.

But minor quibbles aside this is an awesome figure, in fact it's my new favorite Sonic figure I own. He's just too much damn fun to not enjoy. I highly recommend you get it if your a fan of the Sonic games and like toys. Now if I can just convince Jazwares to make an Amy Rose figure like this. Hrmmm...
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