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Pembroke W. Korgi's LJ

Pembroke W. Korgi
30 July 1978
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Name: Pembroke W. Korgi
Alias: Robbie W Allen III (or is it the other way around)
Location: Somewhere in Texas
Pembroke W. Korgi is an artist, a human, a bantam dragon, a video game player, a cartoon watcher, and a really big geek. He’s gotten a few things published, too. Usually under the name Robbie Allen. He’s done other works on the net, too. Usually under Robbie Allen or Yamcha Hibiki. But that’s all in the past, and he wants you focussed on his baby, Femmegasm.

Though he also would like to encourage you to check out Radio Comix as well, since they tend to like publishing his work. They are also some of the nicest most awesome people you’ll ever meet.