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Do You Want To Be A Pepper, Too?

Sorry for the lousy quality on today’s comic, guys. I haven’t had a good weekend. Namely the motherboard died on my computer and it’s now inoperative. Add in that this happened on a rent paycheck, so with that and other bills I’m not able to go and get a replacement. Double bummer. I was able to coble this strip together by using my wife’s laptop, but needless to say it doesn’t have the programs or files I usually use when making a comic, which has ended up in a rather subpar offering. Hell, I don’t even have my trademark font to use.

So like I said I’m sorry for the lousy quality on today’s strip, and I have no idea when my comic will be up and running again.

So, I hate to ask, but if you guys are willing to donate a little money to help me speed up the process of getting a replacement motherboard it would be MUCH appreciated! Furthermore to help encourage the donations, I’m willing to add a little bonus. Everyone who donates $20 or more, will get have either themselves or one of their characters/OCs (even if it’s an accursed Sonic OC) cameo in a future Femmegasm comic. That’s right, you can be in a comic. Sound good? I hope so, because I really don’t like giving you people low quality work. So any help would be appreciated.

Please send all donations via Paypal to

Thanks in advance.
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